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About Intellectual Minds

Over the years, our students have consistently won prizes in the national level abacus competition.

Intellectual Minds institute was started in November 2015 to teach Abacus methodology to kids of age groups 5-14. Intellectual Minds is affiliated to Champions group. Our training focuses on improving mathematical knowledge and concentration of our students using play way methods of teaching in a children friendly technique and style. Each child is different and we believe in understanding the need of each student and tailoring our methods in a way that best suits the child.

Call us to arrange a demo class for your child.

What is Abacus

The ABAX is a Greek name, which means calculating board or calculating table. The Chinese Abacus was invented during the Yuang Dynasty, 1280-1368 A.D (3000 years ago). Abacus is referred to as the first computer; it is used to add, subtract, multiply and divide, as well as figuring fractions and square roots.

Abacus is a mechanical aid used for counting. The use of Abacus in teaching children simple mathematics gives marvellous results. Abacus is an excellent tool for memorisation of multiplication tables. Abacus is an excellent substitute for teaching other base numbering systems since it easily adapts itself to any base with little modifications. Abacus does not actually do the computing, as today’s calculators do. It helps children to keep track of numbers as they do the computing. Children who are good at Abacus can often do calculations quickly as a person who is using a calculator. Abacus is now accepted and practised in several countries China – principally, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, India, and countries in Middle East. This helps children to get better in all areas where learning is required.


When a child works on abacus he/she uses both hands to move the beads, with right hand coordinating with left brain and left hand coordinating with right brain. This helps child develop an ability to use left and right brain functions simultaneously.

Abacus, therefore, not only enables the child to do mathematical calculations with great speed and accuracy but also helps them to utilize all functions of both left and right brain.

Benefits of Abacus

  • Improve the accuracy and the speed in arithmetic calculations such as (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division).
  • Build stronger memory power.
  • Enhance imaging skills or photographic memory.
  • Increase sense of observation/visualization power.
  • Sharpen sound judgment/hearing power.
  • Increase concentration.
  • Reduce stress and enjoy the fun of learning.
  • Create self-confidence and learning capability.

Our program helps a child perform mathematical calculations by as much as 2 to 10 times faster.

Course Duration

Our Abacus course comprises of two levels. Each level constitutes of four terms with each term of 3 months duration. We consider first level as compulsory and second level as optional. A student can leave the course after one year as the basics like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division are covered in this duration.

Methodology: Abacus
Class: Weekly (2 Hours)
Course Duration: One Year (Basic Course) | One year (Advanced Course)
Age Group: 5-14 years

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